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Thread: Midnight grocery runs capture economic desperation

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    Healthier food should and could be cheaper, but processed crap is loaded with corn and soy - both heavily, heavily subsidized by the US government. The more they subsidize it, the more Big Food sticks it in its products as filler, sweetener, stabilizer, starch, modified protein, flavour, you name it.

    Cheap industrial corn and soy can take about a thousand different forms in processed foods, while in the meantime, regulations have made organic certification difficult and expensive, and small-scale locally-based farming unprofitable. "People" may well want a food revolution - or surely would if they knew all the dirty details of industrial food production - but Monsanto, Cargill, Tyson, Archer Daniels Midland and the like don't.
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    I also don't get the refine-stuff-and-then-fortify-it logic. That seems to be the case with flour, bread, cereal, etc. And rice, white rice is usually fortified. I switched us to brown a long time ago though everyone threw a fit. But I do all the cooking, so too bad.

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