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Thread: KKK flyers threaten Barack Obama

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    Quote Originally Posted by bychance View Post
    I forgot to say something.

    Malcolm X was killed by a black man.


    Shit is probably fake.
    I don't think that the message was that they will kill Obama because he is black. It's about them saying they will kill ANYONE who is a civil rights activist on a major scale. Anyone who is for the races being equal. Doesn't matter if Malcom X was killed by a black or a white the point was that he was killed period.
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    ^Yes I stand corrected.

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    i'm in yer manifesto, correcting your spelling mistakes


    I honestly believe Obama is prepared to sacrifice himself. He is a brave, brave man, and a true visionary.
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    Some men go into the situation knowing they will never see the fruits of their labor.

    I believe Obama is one of these men. It seems as if he has accepted the consequences, but will make that sacrifice to push for a better tomorrow.

    What the crazies don't realize is if they hurt him, in any way, they will only raise his support and ensure his legacy never dies. An atrocious act borne of hatred will not make people cower in fear. They better look at history and realize just the opposite will happen.

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