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Thread: Karl Rove (Satan Jr.) predicts landslide win for Barack Obama

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    Turns out Satan was right. Obama did win in a landslide. Who woulda thunk it?

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    I think we should hold Rove down and shave his head because he's as close to the description of the antichrist I ever saw. They knew all along Obama was going to win, they were just trying to whip up the divisiveness and mistrust a few more days. When Rove told then Obama took Pennnsylvania and wiped a fake tear - the others were scrambling to figure how else he could possibly win and he said at that point it was more or less over - they didn't catch it till Obama won Ohio though.
    as privileged as a whore...victims in demand for public show, swept out through the cracks beneath the door, holier than thou, how?

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