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Thread: John McCain wants President Obama to pardon boxer Jack Johnson

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    "No one should be punished for choosing to go their own way," said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who has led the effort in Congress to pass legislation for a pardon.

    I guess that explains his vote on the Franken Amendment...those contractors must have been going their own way.
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    Should black tell McCain his attempt to show himself as a just and righteous supporter of equality is only and epic fail? He obviously believes his pathetic actions are believable and no one will notice the truth.

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    I wonder why McCain didn't push Dubya to pardon Johnson before he left office the way Cheney pushed for Scooter Libby to be pardoned?

    Hell, Cheney pushed for Libby's pardon almost to the every end of Dubya's term. But McCain, somehow, thought it would be 'better' to pressure the man that beat him out for the presidency to issue the pardon.

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