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Thread: John McCain to take credit for bailout despite NOT EVEN BEING THERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkdgirl View Post
    Right. Kinda like Obama whining that the credit is his.

    Obama: McCain Gets No Credit for Wall Street Bailout - Elections

    Call me... and I'll be there. Funny how Obama and the rest of the dems sided with Bush on this.
    Obama didn't FAKE a suspension of his campaign, declare that he wasn't going to participate in the debate unless a deal on the bailout was reached, head back to Washington and screw up the preliminary negotiations of the bailout, and then end up doing the debate without a bailout agreement, and then try to take credit for the bailout agreement, despite not doing anything. That would be McCain.

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    No Shame McCain.

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    Dead yet?

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    "I'm suspending my campaign"

    Best quote ever from McSame!

    Wonder what kind of catastophre Mccain will put together the day before Mooseball's debate? Any guesses? Perhaps her daughter will go into labor early and then they'll say it was a false alarm? LOL

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