Debunked by who? The media> Laughable. I've seen enough on the net that shows there is more to the story Obama is wanting everyone to believe.

King, it doesn't matter that Obama was 8 when Ayers bombed shit. What matters is his associations with him as an adult. And now, stories that Michelle Obama picked Ayers to headline a forum at the University of Chicago- the same forum Obama was also on. Why is it so hard to admit that the liklihood exists there is a deeper connection between Ayers and Obama than the one Obama wants you to believe? Look at how hard he denied his associations with Wright, then ultimately bowed to political pressure?

And don't worry about the financial part. McCain just tied Obama to the Fannie Mae crap today.

Tomorrow's debate is going to be vicious. About damn time the gloves came off, too.
I for one don't get the big deal about Ayers. He was a 60's radical, one of many at that time, who did some crazy stuff for reasons he thought valid. I think there are alot of people who did things when they were young and idealistic, particularly in the 60's, that they came to regret in some form later on in life. As far as the debate, I'm looking forward to it because I'd like to see if McSame has teh balls to spew his baldfaced lies to Obama's face. And I can't wait to see Obama give his usual calm, measured, intelligent answers. You know, the ones about policy and the future of the country, not the repug rhetoric that abounds with character smears and false rumors. But then, when you have no real policy platform you haven't got much to work with.