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Thread: John McCain aides fire back, basically calling Sarah Palin a diva retard

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    Quote Originally Posted by cupcake View Post
    You sure can have him. He is creepy lol
    I'll take him, because nothing is as scary as those liars over at FAUX.
    Baltimore O's ​Fan!

    I don''t know if she really fucked the board though. Maybe just put the tip in. -Mrs. Dark

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    Quote Originally Posted by cupcake View Post
    Because they are fair and balanced. it may as well be called the Obama show
    only Fox is fair and balanced.

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    Of course Faux News is fair and balanced. I mean, they tell you they are every 15 seconds, like a mantra, and I for one can't imagine them lying.
    'Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.' Ben Franklin

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
    --Sinclair Lewis

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    Olbermann has good points, but he ruins them by yammering and yelling too damn much. He'd be much more effective if he just let his points speak for themselves instead of going on and on and on... and annoying the hell out of me.

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    I like Olbermann but I'm liking Maddow better. I also like "Run for the White House" with David Gregory.
    If I can't be a good example, then let me be a horrible warning.

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    LOL brookie your avatar cracks me up. and is it just me or does it look like mccain is about to stick that lipstick up palin/bulldog's ass?
    I'm open to everything. When you start to criticise the times you live in, your time is over. - Karl Lagerfeld

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSDiva View Post
    My eyes watching MSNBC...
    And whom did your eyes seeing saying this?

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