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Thread: Iowa court says gay marriage ban unconstitutional

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    Quote Originally Posted by olivia View Post

    True story - heated argument with a libertarian once, who claimed that no one can be forced into anything in this country. The food came and he ordered everyone to bow their heads for a prayer. Heh.
    You should have given him a dictionary, because clearly he didn't understand what the definition of 'libertarian' is. One cannot be a libertarian and try to force religion on others.

    He was something else masquerading as a libertarian. That has become an issue here in the US, people claiming to be libertarians who have no idea what it means- or what that party's platform really is- pro choice, pro-gay marriage- through the repeal of DOMA, etc.

    A real libertarian believes in civil liberties, and freedom of the individual. If someone chooses to force their beliefs onto others, they would be the opposite- an authoritatian.
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