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Thread: Inside Obama's White House

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    I see others noticed the Bill Clinton pic. Somehow I don't think he'd stand a chance with her. Dream on Billy!

    Politics aside, they seem like a lovely family. I don't think I've seen a presidential husband and wife look genuinely in love.
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    Clinton's a total ho. He'll look at anything with a vajayjay - front or back. I'd bet Michelle could fling him across the White House lawn if he made any funny moves.

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    I love the pic of Bo taking President Obama for a walk! Dogs don't care who you are or what your job title is, especially the free spirited ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    Obama gets brain tumor from Jesus after destroying too many freedoms

    Liberal terrorist leads to african american stampede

    Obama opens socialist soup kitchen, bailing out stomachs of lazy poor

    Black man spotted breaking and entering in upscale neighborhood, brandishing weapon

    Blacks now allowed in country clubs, soon women will want to leave the kitchen, say top Republican pollsters

    my version
    Especially the one about black man in an upscale neighborhood brandishing a weapon.

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