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Thread: Immigrant farm workers' challenge: Take our jobs

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    The problem is that once a business decides that it will compete (or undercut its competitors) by employing undocumented workers at low wages and no benefits, the competitors (in the interest of surviving) fall in line and start doing the same. I think that is one of the reasons they have tried to tighten up the verification of SSN's, which previously was just a bad joke in terms of how the process worked.

    However, I don't think there has been an equivalent mechanism for reporting/fining businesses for hiring someone undocumented. Moreover, I'm not sure if anything is being done at all to companies that hire day laborers -- they seem to get a total pass. Instead of picking up illegal aliens at day-laborer sites, they could scoop up the people who come out there to hire them. That would be an interesting change of pace.

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    I signed up but they don't have any jobs in my area. More proof that we really don't have any jobs in Michigan at all.
    I can't even find a job as a farm worker--I'd have to move to a different state even if I just wanted a job picking berries.
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    you already know.


    ^ then thats what you'll have to do; move.

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    Businesses are to blame, but so are the individual people who hire them to build their sidewalks. It's not just businesses.
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