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Thread: How would God vote?

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    I'd personally like to know how Buddha would vote, if he could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadDwarf View Post
    An old co-worker/friend keeps sending me emails that are Christian views on Obama.

    They include chain letters, letters written by blacks (showing how Obama can't get his "own race" to vote for him ) and links to church websites saying how Obama is a baby killer and is not a Christian. They pretty much say you're not a true Christian if you don't vote McCain.

    I keep deleting them and I don't reply back to her. I am an atheist and I don't think she knows that, and I don't want to call her out on her bullshit religion because then she will reject our friendship because I don't share her religious views. Either that or trying to make me see "the light" and "save" me. Like Nana said before, it's hard being an atheist sometimes.

    Being 58 I've had decided I am not going to hide the fact I'm an atheist. I remember when I told a Christian woman that I was and she said if she could bring a book to prove there was a God would I believe. I said "sure". Well it was a book of bible verses. I tried to tell her they were written by man not God. I also realized if they wanted to try and convince me by being obnoxious, I could be obnoxious right back. They are rude to me by pushing their religion down my throat, I am pushy right back. Stand up and be a proud atheist. It means you think!
    If I can't be a good example, then let me be a horrible warning.

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