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Thread: Hillary Clinton brings up assassination

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha View Post
    Witchcurlgirl, I could frankly give a damn if you take me seriously.

    Sasha, at least there's one area where we think alike...

    I feel that it's Obama's 'insane supporters' that have implied that they are so sure that she means he might get killed....

    When I read her quotes, I take it to mean 'anything can happen'...that's a philosophy I can relate to...

    Obama supporter's have had a way of seizing on anodyne Clinton remarks and clutching at them as racial insults.

    People have been way too eager to claim to understand every devious, diabolical twist and turn of her mind....and that everyone is so sure of her real motives....and they ascribe all types of 'evil' to her motives....

    When it comes to Hillary Clinton, everyone is a pop psychogist
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    I don't think she has "an evil plan to take over the world" but her continuous insults and tactics right out of the KKKarl Rove playbook in this campaign have lost her a lot of respect in many, many quarters.

    I spent the entirety of the nineties (I volunteered for Bill in '92) defending her from right-wing kooks and I was thrilled when she announced for the presidency.

    But any objective analysis of her conduct in this primary, especially against a fellow Democrat, would have to conclude she has behaved reprehensibly.

    And hey, this ain't tiddlywinks, this is politics- I understand that. But when Hillary claims to be a feminist>insults African Americans> Obama points it out>then she pulls the whiny victim card, I have a problem taking anything she says without a grain of salt.

    The things she has said in this campaign came out of her own mouth and she has no one to blame but herself. Her supporters can rant and rave all they like about how the mean people are treating her so badly, but we heard what we heard and no amount of whining will stop us from being offended.

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