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Thread: Hilary Clinton loses BIG!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    he talks ABOUT issues, saying this or that is bad/good and that they need to change/improve it

    There's little to no "how we're going to do that"
    He said on many occasions that most of his programs will pay for themselves, once he rolls back Bush tax cuts. I don't care who anyone votes for, as long as they vote. However, don't use the excuses that you don't know where he stands, that he is all talk, that he is all charisma and nothing else...etc..
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    Quote Originally Posted by HWBL View Post
    At least Bill had substance to back it up. I also would never use the
    word "warm" in a sentence with the name Obama, except to say he
    lacks warmth (not you, kingcap, another poster).
    I just do not get the right vibe from either of them (O or Hillary), yet
    if I have to pick one, especially right now, I'll take Hillary.
    What substance? Bill's entire campaign was about change and being a man from a town called Hope. He talked about a lot of the same things that Obama talks about now, and he was being called 'Slick Willy' even before he even got elected.

    And I have my reservations about Obama, just like I do Hillary. But between the two of them, he's the one that actually inspires me to want to go out and vote. And that hasn't happened since Bill ran for office. Plus, I respect the fact that Obama has built his political career on his own merit, rather than on his last name the way Hillary has.

    By the way, SSDiva, thanks for posting that info on Obama. There were some things there that I didn't even know about his record and stance on certain issues.

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