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Thread: Hey Americans: DON'T FORGET TO VOTE PLEASE!

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    I am freaking out, I am so afraid the Repubs are going to sweep here in Texas... Some of the idiots over here are so not willing to admit how the idiot repubs have screwed up our state and country that they are just being stubborn ... This is a Repub state and I DONOT GET IT... We had that whole redistricting thing I just donot think there is a chance... I am actually a little sick to my stomach about it... Our fuckwad governor has allowed our homeowners insurance to go so high many many people have lost their homes and seem to still be voting for this asshole... PLEASE PEOPLE GET A CLUE................
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    I voted today for the first time in a number of years. I give Gossip Rocks a lot of the credit because I finally was interested in reading political threads based on posts here, and finally decided to educate myself. Thanks fellow GR people!!!
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    WOOHOO i knew my bitching wouldn't be in vain! How rewarding
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    Question: So in the States, are the dems and repubs the same at the federal and the state levels? 'Cause I know here in Canada, you really couldn't compare the federal Liberals to say the BC Liberals... Just curious!

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