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Thread: Here's a reason why the US government won't stop illegal immigration

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliceInWonderland View Post
    what the hell are you talking about OP?!! every illegal i know files! they have to keep thier SSN status current! the last thing they want is to get caught! and no they don't get the benefits of all the money taken out of their checks for social security and other shit. the govt. doesn't want to stop it cuz its a dumb idea. they know that. and deep down; you know it too.

    and it is a race (culture) issue; ppl in this country are racist and we all know that too! don't even try to say it isn't. its xenophobia at its ugliest.
    If they are illegal, how do they have a SSN? Maybe we're talking different things, but when I hear or use the term "illegal immigrant" I'm talking about someone who is living and working in the country illegally. You know, like a border jumper or someone who came here and overstayed their visa or someone who used fake ID to get through customs, etc.

    The only way to get a SSN is to either be a US citizen or have US Immigration documents such as a visa or work permit card. If you have any of those things, you're not illegal, at least to my understanding. You're an immigrant, but not an illegal immigrant.

    And how exactly do you propose that the government "stop it" in regards to taking taxes from illegals? Maybe a special form for illegals to fill out to get all their paid in taxes back? Or better yet, if you're an illegal, just tell your employer and tell them not to take taxes out. Cause that's certainly what we need - more special treatment for people who shouldn't be here in the first place.

    Honestly, I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for anyone who breaks the law and then doesn't get to benefit even more than they already have. Sorry you can't get your money back that you paid in. Guess that's just the price of being a criminal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tkdgirl View Post
    I have no problem with legal immigration. This country is what it is due to that process.

    My solution to the 'jobs that Americans won't do?' MAKE the welfare recipients do these jobs to earn their keep. Yes, that means cleaning toilets, picking veggies, etc. And NO, it isn't slavery.

    It's called earning your way. This entitlement culture of this country is now 3-4 generations old, with each one taking more and more off the government teet.
    amen. NO FREE RIDE!

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