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Thread: GOP strategist: Palin's clothing allowance fine; Obama flying to grandma 'outrageous'

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    Well I don't understand. His grandmother was like a mother to him, she may be slipping into a coma. He may want to visit her while she still has her wits about her. My sister died of Lou Gherigs. She went very quickly, faster than we thought she would. I managed to see her the day before she died. I'm sooo glad I did. Maybe he wanted to be able to see her before the election. My parents are both dead, so is his mom and grandpa. She may last a month, maybe another day, no one knows the answer to that. I hope she makes it to election day.
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    If you can't understand such simple words as "IT WAS A JOKE" then you probably wouldn't understand any other explanation.

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    perhaps a diagram...
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    I'm a nihilist; is grandma dead yet? While stating that does not mean I wish ill health or death upon grandma I just ask out of curiosity because she was like all up on death's door banging on it screaming "let me in before that politican grandson of mine gets out here and uses me for his campaign" I think I was totally kidding about that last part.

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