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Thread: GOP blatantly admits trying to kill health care to make Obama look bad in 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotncmom View Post
    Plus, people are too stupid to realize that they already are paying for the medical bills of the poor, through higher costs and higher insurance premiums. If it weren't for the greedy fucks in charge of the insurance industry, it would all balance out. You'd pay a bit higher taxes but your premiums would go down. Or, if you pay out of pocket, you would pay less for that office visit, less for that insulin, less for that urgent care visit...
    Exactly. It amazes me that people don't understand the things they're already subsidizing through both their premiums and taxes.

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    ^^ Yeah most people here do not know that, I am almost tired of the "me" attitude here, people are not intelligent enough to actually look this information up and realize they are paying anyway. If I HAVE to pay why not pay for something that is going to be worth paying for?

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    Plus you have the "poor people are poor because it's their fault" attitude. Alot of people bitch about people on welfare because they're "cheating the system". It's total class warfare manifested in the hate of paying taxes.

    It's a shame because I believe that alot of people in this country do want a new healthcare plan. However the same people that moan and bitch, are the loudest and the ones in power.

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