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Thread: For French, US health debate hard to imagine

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    ... and tort reform.

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    *cutchoo so bad you gonna wish i didn't cutchoo so bad.*
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    [quote=albatross;1901451]That's fine - as long as you're employed. Lose your job, and your health insurance costs skyrocket because you no longer have a company subsidizing your premiums, and you no longer qualify for group rates, so you're a much greater risk to an insurance company. Plus, insurance companies can simply refuse to provide you coverage because they decide you're too great of a risk.

    This is my sister's exact problem. She is 58, worked for Safeway in the bakery dept. for years. She had a mini-stroke and didn't know it. She continued to work but kept falling. Her back has been shot for years because of lifting heavy sacks of flour and standing for hours on end. She had to retire with disability. So no insurance. She could have got a temporary insurance to cover her until she found her own insurance. The temporary insurance was $500.00 a month. She could not afford this. She was unable to find anyone willing to insure someone who was diabetic, had a stroke, and needed back surgery, what a surprise. She needs to be on disability for 2 years until she is eligible for Medicaid. Even though her husband is on Medicare and she can
    t work. It is ridiculous.
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