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Thread: Focus on the Family says Mitt Romney says “Mormonism is not a Christian faith”

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    Yes and Christianity/Judaism/Islam is the ...fill in the blank. It's all the same koolaide, just different flavors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cupcake View Post
    This website says Catholics aren't Christians unless they individually choose to go against the Church's teachings. I wouldn't use this site as a reputable source. Who makes them the Deciders as to who is Christian? Fundie assholes.
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    As an ex-Mormon born in Utah, baptized not once but TWICE, having searched and read and studied and prayed, and realizing it was absolutely a scam, I stepped away for the last time. Anyone OUTSIDE the Mormon church, who knew in depth the Mormon beliefs, including what they learn in the temple and what they have swept under the rug as it became politically incorrect (through "revelations from God" of course) would not vote a devout Mormon into office. They believe their role is to govern the earth when Jesus returns. And that in the "spirit world" afterlife when they become gods, multiple wives will be necessary and women become "spirit breeders". Oy.
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    My BIL just became secretary over his ward. God my sister is a nut, our family has prayed for years they would see their way out, but over 20 years in and 7 kids, doesnt look like they are going anywhere. I hate Mormansim
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