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Thread: Federal Judge strikes down gay marriage ban in California

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    Quote Originally Posted by t13nif View Post
    You keep threatening to come here Soj...get yo ass up here!
    I keep holding out hope for Amurricah. We elected a black president, if we can do that, we can get through this gay marriage thing..I hope..

    ..of course even if it does become law, I do not have any plans on ever getting gaymarried. Single now, single to stay.

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    As Ronald Reagan said, “facts are stubborn things” – and they’re here to stay.
    I liked the analysis, but Ronald Reagan did not say "facts are stubborn things". John Adams said that. Ronnie tried to quote Adams, but actually said, "facts are stupid things".

    Ronald Reagan Quotes - Funny Reagan Quotes and Jokes
    Tea baggers want to fight the Man because the Man doesn't look like them.

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    Ronnie tried to quote Adams, but actually said, "facts are stupid things".

    Lol, how very Bushy of Reagan. Too funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by visitor42 View Post
    ITA. I read that he was very through in laying out the finding of facts of the case. According to the link below, Judge Walker is related to the Bushes. (The W in George W Bush is Walker).
    Ha! No wonder the Tea Baggers are letting this ruling pass over in silence.

    These petitions to repeal Prop 8 and DOMA are so, so smart.

    Quote Originally Posted by NoNoRehab View Post

    He knew he was writing for the Supreme Court. While he subsequent courts (9th District and SCOTUS) can disagree with his conclusions of law they must rely on solely on his Findings of Fact, which is why that's the most important everyone was looking at.

    Here's a good analysis from Prop 8 Trial Tracker:
    Thank-you so much for this.
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