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Thread: Federal Judge: Sarah Palin used her child (Trig) as a `prop'

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    I hate to defend SP, but sometimes I must.

    I think she was encouraged to use her kids as props during the presidential campaign. But I also think that she has made a conscious decision to have her kids with her as much as possible in her gubernatorial duties and on the campaign for personal reasons.

    You could argue that it is educational for her kids to see so many people in the US and see the electoral process up close. Not many children get the opportunities her kids have.

    With regard to little Trig, I can understand wanting to be with your baby as much as possible. I also think she wanted to make a point that she is not ashamed in any way of her DS child. But to me, the fact that he is an infant means that his sleep schedule should have been respected and he didn't need to be dragged around like that.

    Since I do not know what SP was thinking and feeling, I don't want to make too much of a judgment. (I still reserve the right to despise her for everything else.)

    I would also say that it's possible that SP feels like she needs to be a role model or representative for families with DS or other developmentally disabled children.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Obamas felt some obligation to be role models as a stable, intact, successful African-American family, as well. I personally think they set a good example for everyone.

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    If she kept her kids out of school so much, she should have gotten them tutors. They can certainly afford it. She has never shown any indication that she cares about education at all, either for her own kids or for the American people. She probably just wants them to get survival skills for when Alaska becomes a refuge during the end of days. Fuck algebra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly View Post
    It doesn't bother me, it's the hypocrisy that does.

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    The Obama's don't parade their kids around, on purpose. Just throwing that out there. What, do you want them to pull a Michael Jackson, and put blankets around their head, and masks on their faces, and whatever else? That, to me, would be making them a prop. Did you see their kids at the debate? No, they were likely in bed, sleeping for school, which is what Palin's kids should have been doing, but nope.... They were being PARADED AROUND FOR THE SYMPATHY VOTE.

    "Oh, look at my pregnant 18 year old, and my downs baby, you HAVE to vote for me, because you feel sorry for me! I mean, look at these faces, my kids are miserable, help me get to the White House so they won't be so miserable anymore, gosh darn it!"

    The Obama's don't parade their kids around, purposefully, because they respect their kids, and aren't all fucked up like the Palin's are. I guess Carter and Clinton must have used poor little Amy and Chelsea as props, too. I mean, they were just ASKING to get ripped apart, by the GOP.
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