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Thread: Everybody in the world hates Bush !

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    taxes? that's why my ex voted for him

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    Quote Originally Posted by britlitgal
    well, since i don't fit into either one of your pat descriptions of bush supporters, now what?
    I know you're damn smart, so all I can say is YOU ARE SERIOUSLY DELUSIONAL. So, yeah, you fit in Mr. Authority's category. How else can you explain supporting this man? Only the stupid, the uninformed and the delusional support him, and you definitely ain't one of the first two!

    **scratches head, thoroughly befuddled by why Britlitgal still claims to support such an incompetent dumbass warmonger**

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    yeah, bush cares about human rights... that would explain his love of the UN and his respect for international law.

    why any argentinian is kissing bush's ass is beyond me, and it sucks that they're reduced to begging to the IMF for a better deal... the IMF and the world bank are the reason the country got into this mess in the first place, the bankrupcy was a direct result of doing everything those two organisations told the country to do...

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