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Thread: Evangelicals rally behind Sarah Palin after pregnancy news

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkur View Post
    If anyone without an (R) after their name was in the same situation as Palin, they would be crucified, not as a martyr, but to send to hell.
    That's why I say if one of Obama's daughters was 17 and pregnant the Republicans and fundies would be raking her, Obama, Michelle, and the baby's father over the coals. They'd be calling his daughter everything from a whore to a welfare mother. But Palin's daughter gets pregnant, maybe for the second time within a year, and she's the patron saint of teen mothers. I wonder if she'll get paid a million dollars for the exclusive pictures like Jamie-Lynn Spears?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gogodancer View Post
    So Palin's daughter/family is "only human" according to the evangelical hypocrites, but anybody else's pregnant out-of- wedlock child/teenager isn't? Wouldn't they be chanting their usual mantra of being "accountable, there are no excuses, let 'em eat cake?" if it was anybody else?
    Not anybody else, Democrats! Because in the rightwing Repug Bible
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    Hell the 300 people in Palin's home town can't stand her and we're supposed to be impressed and embrace her??? Read that Muflats review - the End of the World address she made was rather frightening since it sounded eerily similar to the rhetoric the Taliban etal pour out to their sheep. If this is for real, I am seriously getting off my ass and campaigning for Obama!
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    Wes, you should! We've hosted Obama parties and I've spent a number of hours down at the Obama headquarters here volunteering and what I am seeing is hard core Republicans coming out of the woodworks to volunteer and support Obama over McCain. They are starting to switch sides!

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