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Thread: Economic fears give Barack Obama clear lead in polls

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    Quote Originally Posted by nana55 View Post
    Won't affect me too much. I own my home outright, have a secure pension, and my kids are all grown with secure jobs, (nursing, teaching) So I say let it fail.
    I hope that's true, but I distinctly remember teachers and nurses being laid off due to cutbacks in the 80s. I'm worried we'll be headed down that road again.

    And make sure your pension is buried in the back yard not in a bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexter7 View Post
    funny, when mccain was leading in the polls, most people here were so sure that the polls weren't reliable, ie, they are only calling landlines, etc. now that obama is leading, everyone is just "not surprised, considering the way mccain has been handling himself", etc. either you believe in the polls, or you don't. you shouldn't flip flop based on who has a minor lead. imo of course.
    If you want an explanation regarding cellphones and polling, there is a thread about it already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffy View Post
    This reminds me of a poll that said women without college degrees were for Palin and women with college degrees that were not for Palin.
    Very interesting!!

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