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Thread: Diplomatís wife Anne Sacoolas kill British teen & flees to US to avoid charges.

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    and they refused to go into that room. Good on them not being railroaded.
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    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    They specifically said that they would NOT meet her in the US, only the UK. Trump and the white house didn't listen and tried to ambush them and there were multiple photographers there to capture the moment. Absolutely shameful behavior. Not one ounce of empathy for a family that lost their son to a woman who shouldn't have immunity.

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    The dad has been interviewed on the radio news & he was gracious about trump but also mentioned that it was hard to stick to their decisions (didn’t want to write “guns” since it’s trump...) with the President *pressuring* them. He also said that he didn’t listen to them....
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    They should have faked some Fox News credentials if they wanted him to listen.
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