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Thread: Democrat congressman from Brooklyn calls Obama timid, says he's not leading at all

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    You pay for with taxes and enjoy infrastructure.. power, heat, water, sewage, street sweeping, garbage collection. That's collectivism

    You pay for with taxes and enjoy a military. That's collectivism.

    You go to public schools. That's collectivism.

    You don't have a RIGHT to any of that, and yet you pay into it like everybody else and use it, like everybody else, and don't whine about having to "pay for others" who do as well. So why is health care some big fucking boogey man when you have thousands of miles of highways, interstates, millions more of plumbing, electrical, and sewage lines and everything else and don't bat an eye about "the other people" who also enjoy it?

    It's ridiculous where some people draw the line.

    "I'll drive on roads my taxes pay for, but I won't go see a doctor my taxes pay for."

    How the fuck does that make sense?

    Right, it doesn't.
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    ^^ I'm stealing that and putting it on my FB page....

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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    No, universal healthcare is not a RIGHT. It may very well be a social good but that doesn't make it a right. I mean, we need all kinds of things to survive but we all have to pay our rent/mortgage and buy our own food and clothing don't we? I'll starve without food but I don't have a RIGHT to just walk into Food Lion and take what I want because I want it.

    Crumpet's right. Health care isn't a right.

    It ought to be an obligation of any rich country, and I consider the US to be a rich country, to provide basic health care for its citizens.
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    you already know.


    i agree.
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    Hey, I'm not getting my full taxes' worth of enjoyment from the military. Somebody send a couple of hot Marines to my house, pronto.
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