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Thread: Compare the John McCain from 2 years ago to John McCain today - scary

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap72 View Post
    If he had picked Lieberman, the conservative base would've deserted him. So, he needed Palin to solidify the base, since they never liked McCain to begin with.

    But there was another reason why Palin got forced onto the ticket. Rove wanted his own version of Obama. And in a twisted way that's what Palin is. She's young, attractive and charismatic. Except where Obama manages to inspire people, Palin manages to piss people off.

    I totally agree- Which is why I think Bobby Jindal will be a serious candidate in 2012. And you think Palin is bad he is just as bad but instead of being stupid as well - hes pretty smart and cunning. I can see Rove backing him at that time.

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    That strident "s" wasn't there either...
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