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Thread: Collateral damage: A young casualty of Prop 8

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    The problem in this situation is that the school relies on the input of money from other parents who have also enrolled their children in the school. Somewhere along the line tolerance is being confused with acceptance. The school tolerated her beliefs even though in reality it could have cost them the money of parents who pulled their kids and took them elsewhere. I think they did do the right thing from an economic point of view. From a moral point of view, not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinola View Post
    I follow the logic, Revelling, but in my opinion, it's hard to make a clear analogy by applying a situation from the business/economic sphere to one in cultural sphere of education and religion. The goals are different, the values are different.

    I do agree with everyone who has said or implied that this parent took on this risk by putting her child in a Catholic school.

    Lastly--'cause I'm getting done with this thread, too--I addressed morality only because the language of the school doing the "right thing" was raised. Rightness gets at morality.

    As for "discrimination," I expected an objection to that term. The dictionary defines it, not me. This is certainly a case of discrimination, but it is apparently legal discrimination, because this is a private school, it probably doesn't accept any kind of state funds for anything, and even if it didn't, the California education code says that schools can turn away students and families on the basis of sexual orientation IF there is a conflict with the religion's tenets.
    I respectfully disagree. The bottom line in this situation was based on both money and image, which is definitely illustrating a business standpoint. If religion had been the basis, she would never have been allowed to participate, having admitted her lifestyle was in direct conflict with the church the school was affiliated with.

    The school did the "right thing" for itself, which I have addressed. The term is not being used as a blanket. Morally speaking, it may be wrong. From an economic and image based standpoint, there was no better option. There are parents, even if they are silent, who probably didn't like their child being in a school which allowed her to hold such a position. If I were a betting woman, I would bet it was a parent who brought attention to McGeHee and went above the school's head.

    I know the definition of discrimination. I can't say that this situation is. Had her child be banned from attending the school or she had been banned from participating at all, without having vocally supported a movement the church does not support, I would say it was discrimination. In this case, I have to see it as she suffered the consequences for allowing a conflict of interest to arise, thus placing the school in a precarious situation, which is, fundamentally, no different than the business analogy, because this decision was obviously reached using a business backed logic.

    Hopefully, what will come from this is gay parents who choose to place their children in religious affiliated schools will be awakened to the possibility of this happening again.

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