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Thread: Bush strategist: John McCain knows he put country at risk with Sarah Palin pick

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    See-this is what I have been thinking for a long time,but he just gets away and goes right on. I hope this is his last straw!
    Here's hoping the Republican party implodes due to Rove.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brookie View Post
    Maybe Palin herself will pen the book after this fiasco is over - "Dern Tootin' They Tried to Use Me as a SockPuppet But I Outsmarted Them All".
    I want to see her go back to Alaska and lose her position as governor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by january View Post
    She energized the far right evangelical gun loving base who fear anything different, while putting off a huge percentage of the Independents. This was a dumb tactical move. That aforementioned base would have never voted Democrat anyway, no matter what. They would have begrudgingly voted for McCain regardless of Palin on the ticket. He needed the Independent vote to clinch this thing, and he made an obviously dumb choice in choosing Palin. It made the Independents question his judgment, which obviously is a problem when you are voting for the next Commander in Chief. What really gets me is that there are numerous people on the right who are better speakers, more intelligent and well read, more worldly, and more experienced than her. What were they thinking, really? I know she's won over the base with her beauty pageant winks and evading questions, but she's alienated everyone else. For the life of me, I don't understand. I can get McCain. But Palin? Who would willingly support this person?
    These are good observations and questions. I don't pretend to know the answers, but you've got me thinking about it.

    Would the fringe--I mean, "base"--have really voted in large numbers for a McCain/Lieberman ticket? I thought the worry was that the base--aw, hell, I'm gonna call it the "crazy fringe"--was going to sit this one out.

    I remember in Texas the first year the fringe turned out en masse for the state Republican convention to anoint Dubya their nominee for gubner. It was an unprecedented scene, because in previous years, the convention-goers had been blue-haired ladies wearing fine pearls; they flew to the convention or drove there in fancy cars. They dined in toney restaurants. Suddenly, the convention was infiltrated by, taken over by, the fringe, who were before this sort of disfranchised in the state party. They were organized in their churches, they got out the vote, they were like Republican ground troops doing the Lord's (well, really Rove's) work. They arrived at the convention in big church buses and ate peanut butter sandwiches. The convention, previously a sedate affair, was a raucous event thanks to the rabble. The people you hear shouting invectives against Obama? That type.

    These people were united and organized in a way that the Dems had never dreamed of. They voted in droves! They were motivated from the pulpit. But their mobilization hinged on their belief that (1) the opposition candidate would be in some way evil and unravel our society and (2) their Christian agenda would be introduced into government. Now, really, they have gotten very little from the government. Abortion is still legal, for example. Creationism is not the standard science curriculum in practically any school district. (I weep big tears for them, I tell ya.)

    Palin is here to promise them more, more than they got in the past. Where Dubya was sort of on the fence about some of these issues, playing both sides, Palin is an out-and-out fundie frontwoman, at least in her rhetoric.

    I agree it's a strange tactical error. The conventional wisdom is that the more extreme candidates come to the middle to get elected and then swerve right or left once in office. For Palin to come right out and state her extremist views seems politically foolish. (And jeez, if she is actually coming toward the middle, then she would have to be the agent of Armageddon once in office!)

    When the Palin nomination was first announced and I knew nothing about her, I thought it was a genius tactical move in the wake of the Biden nomination. Lots of independents were disappointed that Hillary wasn't the VP choice. Selecting a woman for the Republican ticket could pull those voters away and make the party look more progressive. But it appears that someone overlooked the fact that Sarah Palin just plaiin SUCKS.
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