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Thread: Bristol Palin's real baby's father speaks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    This is really a crock! In the first place,if he WAS the father, Palin & McCain would haul his ass out with great glee! It would be the ultimate "Gottcha" for Obama!

    not really, because a huge percentage of their base are racists. I think it was in the 2004 race that the GOP Bush supporters started a rumor that John McCain had an 'interracial affair' or something along those lines that produced his daughter, whom I believe is East Asian (and adopted) though I'm not sure. It was a really slimy move, but it really stirred some people up. I think that Palin being involved with secessionists pretty much guarantees she has racist leanings.

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    Dude ... you better have a good lawyer.

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    you already know.


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