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Thread: Bristol Palin named for ESPN

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    Meh. I think Bristol is a much better name than some of the crap the celebs these days come up with. There's actually a teenage boy in my neighborhood named Bristol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookie View Post
    Good thing the home of ESPN isn't French Lick, Indiana, ain't it??

    Or that it isn't in Nob Knoster, MO

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    A take on Palin's latest lie:

    The unusual names of Sarah and Todd Palin’s children are not new to Alaskans. The stories have been circulating for quite some time about the “secret meanings” in the names. Willow for the town north of Wasilla, Piper for the airplane and her middle name “Indie” for the snow machine and the word “Independence”, Track because he was born during track & field season, and Trigg’s middle name “Paxson” for another tiny town in Alaska. And then there’s Bristol. She’s named for Bristol Bay where the Palins fish, and where Todd Palin grew up. Ironically, this is also near the collapsed Yukon River salmon fishery which has financially devastated Western Alaska resulting in residents running out of food and fuel during the long winter….the ones that Sarah Palin has done nothing personally to support. But that’s another story. Nobody ever heard any different about the name Bristol, and no other explanation had ever been offered.

    As a matter of fact, the Bristol Bay fishing reference and only the Bristol Bay reference has been mentioned OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER (OK, I’m getting tired of linking, but you get the idea).

    But all of a sudden, for the first time ever, in her February interview with Esquire magazine, we get a different tale. Now Sarah Palin tells us that one of the reasons for the name is because the headquarters for ESPN is located in Bristol, Connecticut, and she dreamed of working for ESPN some day when she was a girl….. Huh? (Alaskans look at each other in amazement as if Sarah Palin would ever name any of her children for something NOT Alaskan…)

    The Bristol Press newspaper, located in Bristol, Connecticut talked to ESPN Vice President Mike Soltys to get the story.

    Soltys said that after Palin’s selection as John McCain’s running mate last summer, there was speculation that the governor might have named her daughter for the company’s hometown.

    But the campaign itself said that the name came from Bristol Bay in Alaska, cutting off the talk of Connecticut.

    And the confirmed lack of connection to the town is perfectly fine with the mayor of Bristol, Connecticut, Art Ward.

    Mayor Art Ward said that it probably worked out for the best.

    “You can’t see Russia from here.”

    So why the “fish tale” if you will, about Bristol’s name? I think there’s room for a theory here. Since nobody, I mean nobody I know in Alaska ever heard of this supposed ESPN connection before three days ago, and since ESPN actually asked the campaign if there was a connection, perhaps planting the seed, I think that we can still connect this with fish. Bear with me.

    I think the Governor may be fishing, not for a job with Fox, but perhaps for a job with ESPN. We can only hope that this will be the extent of her career on the national stage.

    And when, oh when, will Sarah Palin “just leave her children out of this”, as she has asked us all to do?
    The Mudflats » What’s in a Name? A Little Fish Tale from Sarah Palin.

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    So, Palin lied about Bristol's name? Well, it's not like she lied about a baby or anything. Oh wait...

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