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Thread: A brilliant trap makes Dems the male chauvinists

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    Eighteen kids... shit. How much you wanna bet her uterus just quits and falls out? :\

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    ^I love your avatar. Now every time I see Kermit the frog I think of Christian Bale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    I lean a little right of center and even I think this was a stupid move on McCain's part. First of all, her speech, and his choice, were insulting. It was so obvious that she was chosen to gain votes from women. You know what? Women don't vote for other vaginas. They vote on issues. I was completely disgusted by McCain because of his obvious pandering. I love how he completely took away his argument that Obama has no experience. Dumb ass.
    I think this is a problem with more people than just yourself. I had lunch today with my very conservative friend who was absolutely certain of her vote until McCain chose Palin. She told me today, "what does he think, I'm stupid?" The obvious pandering doesn't thrill most women. I realize some Republicans are IN LOVE with Palin. But I also think he's alienated some of his Independent base as well - most Independents are going to be reluctant to vote for this woman, especially as conservative as she is. I was happy today to see that some Republicans are actually questioning this choice.
    Women ain't gonna let a thing like sense fuck up their argument. - Chris Rock

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleWasHere View Post
    Eighteen kids... shit. How much you wanna bet her uterus just quits and falls out? :\

    We can only hope!

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    Sarah is what she is and once the nation finds out, and once conservatives find out, and the Christian community finds out and heck, even good old John McCain finds out who and what Sarah Palin really is, then itís all over.
    But will they find out before the election?
    Thatís the only question.
    This scares the hell out of me!

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