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Thread: Bobby Jindal gives his moronic GOP response to State of the Union address

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkur View Post
    Here we go:


    He's talking to the nation like when you talk to a 5 year old when they find out that everything dies... He'd make a good narrator for Reading Rainbow, but hopefully LeVar Burton wouldn't stoop that low.
    He's such a joke, he makes Muppets look serious! That whole tone,
    mock chuckle when pointing out the things the Dems "do wrong",
    God, you'd just wanna crush him under your shoe

    He left for a vacation at Disneyland after he delivered this:
    that's exactly where he belongs, this Mickey Mouse wannabe.
    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

    ***** celeb

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    Jindal's presidential stock plummeted like an anvil following that horrendous speech, per Intrade.

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