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Thread: Bobby Jindal admits Katrina story was false

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    yeah, yeah silly me....

    But Mike Malloy and his wife host a liberal talk show...

    and on lots of the liberal bogs there's all kinds of Indian slams by posters that should be a bit more enlightened.

    I don't like it, on principle. And for me, regarding principles, even when it's someone that I dislike that is treated unjustly I stand by my beliefs. Racism is wrong, period, end of story. It's not ok if it's directed at someone I dislike, or disagree with.

    The Piyush jab is just an attempt to show how he's different (read: scary) much like the Hussein jabs that ignorant fools used to show Obama was different (read: scary) during the election. That doesn't even anger me because it says more about the speaker than the man they are speaking of.
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