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Thread: Barack Obama regains ground in Texas caucuses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    but McCain is EVIL
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    two smirking geezers

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    ^ Diva, WTF @ that picture!

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    "What the fuck....?! Obama and Hillary are on the same ticket? Get my heart pills goddammit!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSDiva View Post

    He's trying to suck thelifeforce out of someone
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    I'd vote for Obama/Clinton, but never for Hillary for Prez. If she gets the nomination I'm going with McCain. I've voted for him before when he ran for AZ senate.
    But WHY McCain over Hillary? Especially when you would vote for Obama/Clinton. That is the unanswered part we would like to hear about.

    Without putting some reasons behind just seems..well..foolish ya know?
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    I don't think anyone has to explain their reasons, but here goes: I do NOT trust Hillary. I've lways felt she would say or do anything to get what she wants. I didn't believe her reaction after Bill was outed as a cheater and she sealed the deal for me when she carpetbagged her way into New York. And now with all this bullshit about changing the rules in Michigan and Texas and Florida just so she will have the delegate lead? Yep, just more Hillary maneuvering to get her way. I distrust everything that comes out of her mouth, even moreso than most politicians. Hillary is not about helping anyone but Hillary. She just wants power and to make history as the first female prez. If you believe this election is about anything but her you're fooling yourself.

    And before anyone starts flaming, I don't care for Obama or McCain either. I did like McCain before he started spouting the Bush party line and the illegal immigrant amnesty bullshit. I don't think he will be as bad as W., but then again pretty much no one could top that. I also don't believe McCain would be as frivolous with the lives of our soldiers as Bush has been, and that's a big positive for me.

    So if Hillary gets the nom, once again, I will not be voting FOR anyone, but against someone. And before all you "supporters" around here, no matter who you are behind, start trying to change my mind, let me inform you that I'm a grown-ass woman and you can't, so don't waste your time.

    BTW, I fail to see what is "foolish" about disliking a candidate so much that I would vote for a Republican. I think that assumes that I'm a democrat and crossing party lines, and you know what they say about assuming. I'm not affiliated with either party and vote for both Dems and Reublicans, as the candidate and situation warrants. What I think is foolish is to vote for someone simply because of their party.
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