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Thread: Barack Obama to do SNL season premiere

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    Michael Phelps will be the host. Obama will just be doing a little appearence in one skit I think.
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    It can be really funny when politicians show up on SNL. Al Gore hosted after the elections, and they did a hilarious piece where he was on the set of The West Wing and after pretending to be President all day, he wouldn't leave the set for the life of him because he liked playing so much.

    McCain hosted also, it must have been after he had lost as well.

    The sad thing is that the cameos will generate more news than the actual issues the president has to deal with.

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    Tina Fey = Sarah Palin

    I can't wait for tomorrow night!

    SNL: Fey may play Palin, but Obama will definitely be there - The Ampersand

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    Barack Obama Cancels SNL Appearance Due to Hurricane Ike
    Saturday September 13, 2008

    Barack Obama arrives at a townhall meeting at McConell Center in Dover, New Hampshire, on September 12, 2008.
    EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty ImagesBuzz up!

    Barack Obama has cancelled a guest appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live because of Hurricane Ike, which made landfall in Texas Friday night.
    "If it's serious, it will change everything for us," SNL creator-producer Lorne Michaels told Politico Friday, before Obama had cancelled.
    "The tone of the show will shift, and it would be inappropriate for the senator to do if it looks in any way like it’s going to be a tragedy," Michaels explained.
    The Democratic presidential nominee has also decided to scale back campaigning and instead focus on responding to the hurricane.
    "Obama offered to do whatever he can to help, including using the Obama website to raise funds for relief efforts," spokeswoman Linda Douglass told the AFP.

    But the premiere of SNL on Saturday - hosted by Michael Phelps - must go on.
    SNL alum Tina Fey is "likely" to play Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, a person close to the show told the Associated Press Saturday morning.
    Though Fey's appearance isn't confirmed, Michaels told the AP earlier this week: "The whole world cast her in that role." | News - Barack Obama Cancels SNL Appearance Due to Hurricane Ike
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    As much as I would've like to have seen him on SNL, doing the show while Hurricane Ike is tearing through Texas would be a bad idea.

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    ^That is true. I'm glad he did.

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