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Thread: Bank of America spends $10 million of bailout money on Superbowl party

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    Barney Frank was on Countdown tonight and Olbermann asked him if there was a way to force these banks to refund any of the money they pissed away. Frank said no, since there were no restrictions written into the first bailout, so technically they didn't break the law. But he said this is why the next round of bailouts have to have tighter restrictions that Dubya and Paulson wouldn't let them put in before.

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    It's about f'ing time. If the auto makers have to report everytime someone in their organization farts crosswise, the banks need to be held to account as well. Less partying, stadium naming and office decorating may ensue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Authority View Post
    This shit goes on and yet the fucking repugs want to bitch about "useless spending" in the stimulus package. Pathetic!

    All the B of A execs should be lined up and shot. They want to spend money on a fucking useless party then they can pay with their life. (I don't care if that sounds maniacal that's the truth.)
    Amen, if some guy went insane on a shooting rampage for these damned execs I will not shed a single tear

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    And why were there not any restrictions?

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    Pres Obama needs to get these gross corporate fatcat assholes into the Oval Office and ream them about this kind of thing. They STILL just don't get it. These banks deserve to crash and burn. Unfortunately it will be their loyal customers who suffer. The boardroom assholes will just retire to Palm Beach with their millions - and trust me, they still have their millions.

    And the reason there are no "restrictions" is because the whole banking and finance industry was deregulated (yay!) so they don't have to answer to anyone. It's the single reason why the global economy has gone into meltdown. They all flew too close to the sun and everyone burned.
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    Well,sunny beach. What a crock.
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