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Thread: Ann Coulter's diarrhea of the mouth continues at CPAC

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    Does she ever say anything relevant?

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    you already know.


    no, just psycho-babble

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    This politi-troll is of extreme epic failure. I wish Keneesha would come in here, once in a while. LEAVE SARA A LONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fauvee View Post
    A counterpoint that deserves a reply - I'm not 31 as my profile says. No other explanation is forthcoming.

    The last 8 years saw enormous economic expansion and millions of jobs were created. Two major events will mark those years for history to glean painful important lessons:

    1. 9/11. It was and is an unprecedented display of how much damage and dealth can be caused by a tiny dedicated few in modernity. It was a wake up call for America that if given the opportunity these same dedicated men would have unleashed the power of a nuclear weapon upon New York City if they had the opportunity - and many are actively seeking to do just that. Men like these are a new kind of enemy - Enemies who would rather lose their lives trying to kill us than negotiate. This kind of enemy can't be stopped by any means but violence. This fact hasn't changed.

    2. THE CREDIT CRUNCH. The free flow of credit in this decade surpassed the public's ability to repay it creating a bubble that burst in the summer of 2008. It's causes are very simple and basic. Banks lent more than they could afford to lose, the economy went into a normal cyclical recession, and poor performing loans overwhelmed profits from well performing loans. The entire financial sector is upside down in loans they can't write off - and here we are.
    I'm just curious how you rationalize the war, then. You mention the powerful minority hellbent on unleashing nuclear weapons on us. There were no WMD. And that was in Iraq.. a country with no ties to 9/11. This war also managed to create a huge deficit... so much for that "economic expansion" you were talking about.

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