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Thread: Andrew Sullivan demands paternity test for Trig Palin

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    Oh hell maybe it's John Edward's baby.

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    Has Slick Willy made any trips to Alaska late last summer/early fall?
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    Some women do not show until the very end of the pregnancy. I didn't show until eight weeks before I gave birth.

    I still believe something is fishy about the story.

    Maybe she was preggers, but Mr. Palin wasn't the sperm donor. Hmmm? The baby issue should be filed away for later. She is giving everyone more than enough non-family related reasons to question her "abilities".

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    I agree. But I do like that somebody is making a stink about this.
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    I'm sure Palin picked her kids' names from an IKEA catalogue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    If Bristol Palin is woman enough to willfully spread her legs and procreate (once that we know of, quite possibly twice) then she can take a little bit of scrutiny about her behavior while living under her mama's roof/rule.

    I think it's totally our business that her mom who wants to be our veep might be underhanded enough to outright lie and pull a stunt like this.

    If Bristol Palin gets hurt, it's a small price to pay IMO. And one that she and her own mom are to blame for.

    To me more than anything else this proves Palin to be unfit. I've said she was a borderline from the very beginning, BPD's view their children as objects, they lack empathy or the ability to see the world from anyone else's point of view or approximate their emotions were they in that person's shoes. I hate to sound shrill but the echo in my head is "what kind of mother would put her pregnant, unwed, teenage daughter in this position, just to further her political career?" It's like the long, drawn out version of Michael Jackson-hangs-baby-over-balcony stunt. Palin hung her beloved child out in front of America to be ripped apart. Palin did this. The woman is sick, sick, sick. She's rumoured in AK to be a lousy mom and her accepting the nomination knowing Bristol would be targeted proves it beyond all doubt.

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    ^Yeah, I've read she basically farms her kids out to their grandparents.

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