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Thread: Todd Palin in Esquire

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    Default Todd Palin in Esquire

    This is Not a Joke

    I repeat, this is not a joke.

    This is not a snarky montage put together by someone who dislikes the Palins.

    This is…apparently…serious.

    You know how Sarah Palin refused to be interviewed by Joe McGinniss for his Portfolio article entitled Pipe Dreams because he couldn’t guarantee that his portrayal of her would be positive and flattering? It looks like Todd is playing by different rules. Bad move.

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    “Alaska’s first husband is not scared of you, the cops, or his wife. Get a sneak peak at a week in the life of the ultimate stay-at-home dad, hunter, fixer, and champion snowmobiler right here, then pick up the May issue of Esquire for Luke Dittrich’s full, in-depth profile.” (Via HuffPo)

    Yes, the “First Dude” will be featured in the “How to Be a Man” issue. Strange and unflattering are the words that spring to mind. And am I the only one who feels like I’ve seen more of Todd Palin’s socks than I’m comfortable with? It’s true that it’s kind of an Alaskan rule of etiquette to take your shoes off in the house. Things up here are muddy and dusty and snowy, and people just do it. I’ve been to many dinner parties with well dressed people standing around in socks. But I think those rules are allowed to be, and should be suspended when you’re on television, or getting photographed for a national magazine. Just sayin’.
    The Mudflats Bedtime in Alaska - Daily Wrap Up

    Click on the video player link to be nauseated.

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    Why is the First Douche getting any press?

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    Who the hell is giving this ass the time of day?? Please.

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    I guess guys are looking for role models to tell them how to be real men and he fits the bill--stupid (did he graduate high school?), sports-watchin', animal-killin', stalker, wife-controller, etc. At least that's what Esquire would have us believe. Did you see the picture with his nasty socked feet on the kitchen counter?

    He reminds me of Simon from Real Housewives.

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