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Another Ethics Complaint Filed Against Sarah Palin

Anchorage resident and registered Republican Andrée McLeod has filed an ethics complaint today with the Attorney General’s Office charging that Governor Palin used state staff, property, time and equipment for partisan political purposes.

“Upon being nominated as the republican VP candidate, Sarah Palin sent out a political campaign press release and posted the same political campaign message on the official State of Alaska governor’s website. That was wrong,” McLeod said. “Just this week Palin again misused state staff, time and resources during her much publicized SarahPAC snafu concerning the National GOP Senatorial and Congressional Committees’ fundraiser in Washington DC this June. Again, Palin was wrong.”

Palin took an oath of office as governor in Fairbanks on December 4, 2006. In her speech Palin said, “Alaskans, hold me accountable; and right backatcha. I’ll expect a lot from you too.” McLeod says she’s doing what Palin expects. “I’m doing exactly what she asked,” McLeod said. “I’m unambiguously, steadfastly and doggedly holding Palin accountable. To me, sending out a campaign message using state resources, posting a campaign message on the state website, and misusing SOA staff to coordinate with SarahPac for partisan political activity and purposes is wrong. SarahPAC’s organizational dysfunctions do not justify nor excuse this governor’s unethical lapses.”

McLeod continues, “Recent events show that Palin continues to ignore the line between her role as governor and every other role she injects herself into that have nothing to do with Alaska ’s best interests. Her use of state staff, time and resources for her own personal partisan political Washington D.C. beltway purposes must stop already.”
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