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Thread: Michele Bachmann admits she did take earmarks, after all

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    Default Michele Bachmann admits she did take earmarks, after all

    Just days after saying she had requested zero earmarks for her district, Rep. Michele Bachmann admitted to Fox News’ Brian Wilson that she had indeed requested millions in earmarks in 2008. But, she says, it’s not a big deal because her earmarks were less than the average earmarks for the rest of Minnesota’s congressional delegation.

    BACHMANN: Well, the average earmark I think for the state of Minnesota for the members of Congress is somewhere around 70,000– $70 million, so mine is very, very small on that level and that’s in the first two years that was in. After I saw the way that the process worked, after being a freshman, I saw how corrupt it was and took an earmark pledge and that’s why I personally have no earmarks in the current budget bill and the stimulus bill that was passed this year.

    Bachmann secured $3,767,600 for her district in 2008.

    As Think Progress has pointed out, the average earmark for Minnesota’s delegation is $2.1 million and the average total for earmarks is $33 million. Bachmann’s assertion that it is somewhere near $70 million is an exaggeration.

    Minnesota Independent: News. Politics. Media. » Bachmann says she did take earmarks after all

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    Michelle Bachmann, the gift that keeps on giving!

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