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Thread: Dallas judge criticized for racially charged quote

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    Default Dallas judge criticized for racially charged quote

    Dallas judge criticized for racially charged quote

    DALLAS The top municipal judge in Dallas faces calls for his resignation over a racially charged column he wrote in a weekly newspaper.
    Administrative Judge C. Victor Lander apologized Tuesday for writing in the Dallas Weekly that "black folks have been cleaning up white folks' messes for hundreds of years."
    Lander, who is black, said he wrote the column earlier this month to praise reform efforts of the city's first black prosecutor, Craig Watkins.
    A member of the Dallas City Council isn't buying the explanation calling for Lander's resignation. The council appoints municipal judges in Dallas.
    Lander has been a municipal judge for 12 years.

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    and before someone says that's not racist, reverse it and see how it sounds
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    He just meant it as a figure of speech-just to make a point,and he was right. We have to quit making a federal case out of every single word people say. This is just tiresome. The last DA left all kinds of stuff & this guy is cleaning it up,saving innocent people. Last DA was white,this one is black. That's all he meant.
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    It doesn't really matter if that's all he meant. he could have made his point without race ever being mentioned. Like he's supposed to be some sort of saint just because he's black.
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    That is a racist comment, and Grimm is right- if it were reversed we would all be calling it racist and stupid (rightfully so). As a "white folk" I have certainly never asked anyone to literally or figuratively "clean up after my mess." I would have to see the quote in context, but still, this is generally offensive.
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    It's extremely offensive and racist, and he shouldn't get a free pass because he's "black." And no, they haven't been cleaning up anyone's mess for hundreds of years. No one has been doing that, and that's why the planet fucking sucks right now.
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    Who cares? She's making herself sound like a moron...that's punishment enough.

    Damn honkies, we should learn to clean up our own messes.

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