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Thread: Wall Street now threatening Obama admin, stamping their feet over their gov welfare

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    Lightbulb Wall Street now threatening Obama admin, stamping their feet over their gov welfare

    Can we just shoot them all?

    From the Wash Post:

    The firestorm over bonuses paid by insurance giant American International Group has triggered alarm at other financial firms, threatening federal efforts to draw private investors into economic recovery programs....

    The attack by lawmakers on AIG pay has provoked renewed complaints from some financial company executives that federal involvement in business decisions is making it difficult for struggling firms to return to profitability. In particular, executives say they need to offer bonuses to keep and motivate
    their most valuable employees and are already seeing an exodus of talent.

    Enough already. First, there are no jobs. There are no competitors to run to. If these people don't get bailed out, they will lose their jobs, they will lose their companies. So please spare us this bull about how if we don't give people $100,000 bonuses, in the middle of a massive recession, they'll somehow leave. Where pray tell will they go? Other than to the 70th floor to jump off the building.

    But more importantly, who the hell do these people think they are? I'm worried about making any money at all this year. As I'm sure many of you are. And these folks are whining about the only thing they got going, a free handout mind you, to keep them alive? To keep us alive? If these companies don't want to join whatever program the administration comes up with to save credit, to save our economy, then nationalize them or, if it's safe to do so, let them fail. But enough of this greedy, whiny crap about how they're all going to leave if we don't give them massive bonuses. Let them leave. Then let them join the unemployment line while figuring out how to pay their mortgages on $400 a month. It's time to tell these companies to STFU, and jam this down their throats. They don't like it, they can go bankrupt or be nationalized. But enough of the games, and enough of the weakness telegraphed by the administration and the Fed. Read this:

    Officials at the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are increasingly worried that the controversy could discourage investors from joining a new government effort to revive consumer lending as well as a separate plan that relies on private money to buy toxic assets from banks, sources familiar with the matter said. Treasury officials planned to outline that second program as early as this week.

    Stop it. Stop telegraphing weakness to barracudas. You people have the upper hand. These companies are about to go bankrupt. Don't give them a choice, just do it. And if you have to nationalize them, or otherwise take over their companies, and jam a solution down their throats, then do it. We are trying to avert a global depression, and these greedy traitors are worried about whether they'll get a $100,000 bonus. Enough already.

    I'm beginning to think Obama retired the "enemy combatant" thing too early...

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    Methinks the "talent" is not that great if the "talent" ran the company into the ground.

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