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Thread: Sarah Palin's war on wildlife continues: now to kill bears and gas wolf pups in dens

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    Default Sarah Palin's war on wildlife continues: now to kill bears and gas wolf pups in dens

    I have used this term in the past, but never before has the phrase ”Palin’s war on wildlife” seemed so chillingly accurate. It is well known that Sarah Palin has stacked the board of game with “harvesters” while shunning conservationists. But, the detailed article in Alaska Dispatch by conservationist and author Bill Sherwonit is absolutely chilling. I don’t say that lightly.

    Most Alaskans understand and respect subsistence hunting. I know people for whom moose was, and is, a staple food that carries their family through the winter. And most Alaskans don’t frown too much at some degree of sport hunting, because it’s understood that we, as humans, are predators too, and we somehow fit into the amazing ecosystem that surrounds us. The balance of nature is generally respected by hunters and non-hunters alike, and these two groups tend to have an uneasy, but workable alliance. At least, that’s how it’s been in the past. But now, in the spirit of free market sport hunting in the Mat-Su Valley, the Palin administration has figured out how hunters can compete even more effectively with natural wild predators. Kill them. Kill a LOT of them.

    The Board of Game and Department of Fish and Game aim - or at least hope - to kill up to 60 percent of the 2,500 to 3,000 black bears that, in their opinion, prey upon an unacceptably high number of moose calves in Unit 16B, a huge area that extends from the foothills of the Alaska Range to Cook Inlet and from the Yentna River southwest to Redoubt Creek (which flows off the rumbling Redoubt Volcano).

    Sixty percent! If that’s not a slaughter, what is? (The state admits it is unlikely to reach that goal, but why not shoot for the moon, eh?)

    There’s more.

    In discussing the unprecedented use of snares to catch and then kill black bears, Board member Ted Spraker talked about the inevitable “collateral damage,” in this instance involving brown bears. It is, of course, a term he borrowed from the military.

    And Ben Grussendorf, the most moderate member of the Board (which isn’t saying much), described his initial gut reaction to several proposed changes this way: “Man, this is a jihad against black bears by paramilitary groups.”

    Welcome, once again, to wildlife management under Gov. Sarah Palin, where everything possible is being done to kill off the predators that compete with Alaska’s human hunters for moose and caribou. No matter that many, perhaps most, of these people live in urban areas and participate in “sport” hunts.

    In fact many of the ones most interested in Unit 16 moose live in Palin country, the Mat-Su Valleys. These folks - and lots of Anchorage-area hunters, too - simply want to fill their freezers with wild game and by God the Palin administration is going to do everything it can to help ‘em out, short of controlling the weather.

    The Board also voted to extend the bear baiting season in Palin’s Unit 16. And they’re also gearing up to start gassing wolf pups in their dens. Probably makes it a lot easier to dispose of them that way, than waiting for them to grow up so they can get shot from helicopters.

    Apparently the person who holds the newly created position with the Orwellian name “Assistant Commissioner for Abundance Management,” Corey Rossi, was able to assuage the concerns about these new policies by assuring the board that it would create an “attitude of stewardship”. Did I mention that Assistant Commissioner Rossi was a good friend of the Palins before he got this job?

    And don’t think that the only people affected by these new policies are semi-lazy old guys who want to be able to go out with their buddies and be guaranteed to bag a moose without a whole lot of looking around. Nope, this is a family affair. The Board voted 4-2 to let children from the ages of 10-15 come along for the fun, killing bears since public participation will be required to reach the enormous kill goal for bears.

    Sherwonit’s final point, and it’s a good one, is the fact that hardly any attention is being paid to these issues. Alaska conservationists may be feeling beaten down, or marginalized or tired. The mainstream media may be feeling like nobody cares, and the only people they hear from are the ones who sneer at the “tree huggers” and the “radical environmentalists.”

    I recall several years ago, when massive tourist boycotts were called for because of the aerial wolf hunting controversy. Alaskans got all riled up and distressed because, they said, these policies didn’t represent the average Alaskan’s opinion. Why punish the regular folks who make a living from tourism because of a few people at the top? So, where are the regular people who are outraged by this? If these policies do not reflect your values, it is an obligation to step forward and say so. There’s an old adage, “silence is consent.”

    Sherwonit goes on to say:

    "I also remain discouraged that, with few exceptions, Alaska’s conservation groups remain out of the picture. I suppose that with global warming, oil and gas industry activities, clean-energy initiatives and other big-picture items, their plates are pretty full and perhaps overflowing. But this new push for “abundance management” - the latest buzzwords for intensive management and predator control - is way out of control.

    Only a few greenie organizations even commented on the proposals considered at this meeting. Even fewer sent people to testify; and most of them quickly vanished afterward.

    For much of the last weekend, I sat in the Dena’ina Center surrounded by big-game hunting guides, trappers and hunters, state wildlife managers, and Board of Game members and their support staff. At most a handful of us opposed to the state’s current wildlife-management regime bore witness to the machinations, and only one of those few represented a conservation group, Wade Willis of Defenders of Wildlife."

    Perhaps the Palin administration is counting on the fact that if eco-tourists boycott Alaska travel (if this ever gets picked up by the mainstream media) will be counterbalanced by those who want to come here to kill off some of the “abundant” wildlife. Or, perhaps she just feels like tipping the scales so folks in her home district can keep themselves and their kids entertained by killing not only more moose, but bears too.

    Either way, what’s clearly needed here is dissemination of information. So for readers out there who have blogs, or are in the media, or who can write letters to the editor, or tell friends, or fire up your local conservation groups, this is your official invitation to help those of us in Alaska who see this “management for abundance” for what it really is - a war on Alaska’s wildlife.

    [And once again, a hat tip to flyinureye, who graces the Mudflats blog with talent, wit, and the undisputed ability to be "worth a thousand words."]
    The Mudflats » I’ll Get You My Pretty…and That Little Wolf Too! Palin’s War on Wildlife Continues…

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    The Wicked Bitch of the North.

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    Fucking bitch, someone needs to hunt her down and make her extinct!

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    Wonder if the people of Alaska knew she was going to decimate the state when they voted for her. Any bets on a second term?

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    Someone could beat her easily by takin' a page from her book and claimin' they're goin' to fight corruption and cronyism. That would take her down. Especially since the state's going to go under without all their gas revenues. I hope Walt Monegan runs for governor.

    I doubt she'll run again. She has bigger fish to fry. She's off to Washington, DC! You betcha!

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    Gassing wolf cubs in their dens? My jaw is on the floor.
    'Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.' Ben Franklin

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
    --Sinclair Lewis

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    I didn't think it was possible to hate Palin any more than I already did, then I read this and found just another whole wheelbarrow full of hate, just for her.

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    The Board voted 4-2 to let children from the ages of 10-15 come along for the fun, killing bears since public participation will be required to reach the enormous kill goal for bears.
    How about this part?

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    Thumbs down

    ^That is barbaric and cruel!!!!!
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    Something needs to be done to stop this cunt.

    The important thing is for all of us to get behind this issue. There's a state-led open season on Alaska's wildlife. Wolves and black bears will be slaughtered by the thousands, we can't afford to sit back and watch it happen.

    Please read AKM's article and send the link to all wildlife organisations and every media outlet you can access.

    Sarah Palin and her bloodthirsty Board of Game can't be allowed to get away with it!

    A few handy links to get you started:

    Eye on Palin, Care2, WWF,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    palingates: Stop Sarah Palin!

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    Gasing wolf pups? PUPS? This bitch is literally killing puppies. That has to be the epitome of evil.
    ~~~Jesus please save me from your fanclub~~~

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    Yes--this is not getting enough press. Unfortunately it came out on Friday. I forwarded it to a few news organizations, but we need more people to do it as well. Another article on the topic:

    Sarah Palin's appointed Board of Game announced new guidelines in a predator control program that now allows the use of paw snares to catch and kill bears, and helicopters for access.

    Under the new guidelines, hunters can use snares to trap black bears in a specific area and can access the area via private helicopters. As for wolves, state employees are now authorized to use poison gas to kill wolf pups, orphaned after aerial hunting, in their dens.

    Most existing wolf-kill programs have been renewed.

    Overall, the program is designed to remove enough predators to allow other animals, such as moose and caribou, to rebound and flourish.


    Instead of implementing such an intensive predator control program, why don't they ban trophy hunting of moose and caribou, allowing subsistence hunting only?

    The Board of Game has many members connected to the powerful Alaska Outdoors Council, which places strong emphasis on sport and commercial hunting.

    "We are an association of clubs and individual members. Together with our sister organizations – the Alaska Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund, the Alaska Trust Fund, and the Hunter Heritage Foundation of Alaska - we work through advocacy, education and research to promote responsible outdoor recreation, conserve our natural resources, and protect Alaskans’ rights to enjoy our great outdoors.

    The AOC is the official State Association of the National Rifle Association. We work hand in hand with the NRA, doing at the state level, what the NRA does on the national level, to protect your Second Amendment Rights, promote gun safety and encourage participation in the shooting sports."

    Another snippet from the AOC website:

    "Up for Grabs"- Hunting, trapping, fishing, and motorized access to public lands in Alaska are all up for grabs in the current political arena. “Up for grabs” means whoever expends the greatest energy, money, or ingenuity and sticks with it wins. Regulations propagated by Alaska’s administrative staff, department heads, and appointed Boards have a great influence on whether you are going to have any fish or game to harvest and where, plus how you will be allowed to go about harvesting your wildfood source.

    Some of their views:

    * Oppose laws that give a preference to users based on residency, culture or ethnic background
    * Attempts by individuals or organizations to obtain tribal government control over lands in Alaska must be recognized and proclaimed as a threat to a) effective management of fish, game and other resources; and b) equitable allocation of fish and game stocks.
    * Oppose federal recognition of Indian country in Alaska.
    * Oppose the use of public funds to promote Indian country recognition.

    They're not very keen on protected subsistence hunting rights for rural villagers...

    I obtained these prices from a random hunting club :

    Day hunt for a single species
    Moose $10,500
    Grizzly Bear $8,500
    Brown Bear $12,500

    Combination hunts (add the species above to the species price below)
    Black bear $2,500
    Wolf $750

    Rates from another site:
    Trophy Fee on Grizzly Bear $9750, Moose $9450, Caribou $6800. These prices are on top of the $19,500 all inclusive (licenses, air charter, G.S.T. and meat flight) for the hunt.

    If there's this much money to be made from organized hunts, no wonder the Board of Game makes rules to protect their mates hunting rights and take every step to ensure there's plenty of prey for their hunts. They profit from hunting under the guise of predator control as well.

    Who pays the price for their enjoyment and profits?

    The bears, the wolves and the native subsistence hunters.

    Article about guidelines Alaska's predator control program now allows hunters to use bear paw snares | Outposts | Los Angeles Times.
    Link to the AOC website.
    To read other posts about Board of Game, Predator Control, appointments to the board, the "science" of predator management, and what you can do to help, click on the links.
    Please read this article, it's unmissable!
    palingates: Sarah Palin's Board of Game

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    Sarah Palin's father on the issue:
    “To those people who advocate a tourist boycott of Alaska as a result of the proposed wolf-control program here, I say, have at it! It will simply be their loss if they stay away.

    I do wish a few of those East Coast wackos, who know little or nothing about Alaska, will slip through the boycott and, upon departing our state, leave for home with a wolf under each arm.”

    Chuck Heath (Sarah Palin’s father) March, 2003
    What a gem!

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    frankly, i hope wolves tear this family apart. horrible people.
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    I hate that bitch!

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