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Thread: Post Katrina and Bush

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    Default Post Katrina and Bush

    The articles are too long to post here, two and three pages each - so I'm posting links to them at The Washington Post

    Post Katrina Promises Broken -

    New Orleans Adrift -

    Parsing Bush's Speech (truth and lies) -

    Be sure to get a look at the photo gallery slide show on the site of New Orleans today. I'm disappointed that the Post photographers spent most of the exhibit showcasing how the French Quarter is back in full swing while ignoring the 50 foot high piles of debris dumped in boulevard medians and in City Park along with the miles of gutted homes. What the articles don't say is that those people, like my relatives, that live in Lakeview and other damaged areas, are still not being allowed to put trailers on their property or obtain building permits to rebuild their homes even as they've made arrangements for these things.

    I hate to compliment a Republican but Richard Baker's plan to have the feds buy the mortgages of the destroyed homes that cannot be rebuilt, particularly in the poor lower 9th Ward, seemed like the best way to go about fixing some of the problems but predictably Bush rejected it.

    It's come out in a few media outlets that the Bush administration has quashed the numbers of death and devestation, not allowing the true information to be released. Bodies are still being found in both the New Orleans area and the Gulf Coast. When I was in Mississippi in December they were just beginning to dredge the beach sand for bodies. Our church contact down there said that they had been going through 500 body bags a day for weeks on end at first. Does that sound like the handful of deaths that this administration claims only occurred? One pastor I spoke with said that 30% of his congregation that stayed behind to ride out the hurricane in their homes are just gone, missing without a word. Thousands are dead and our government has lied to us about iit. What else are they lying about?

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    Default Re: Post Katrina and Bush

    ^^ To add even more trauma, the officially reported number
    of only 4 rapes in the post-Katrina chaos has been belied
    by reports from crisis workers in the region, according to NPR.

    Judy Benitez is executive director of the Louisiana Foundation
    Against Sexual Assault, a statewide coalition of rape crisis centers.
    She says as she watched New Orleans descend into chaos after
    Katrina, she knew what would happen.

    "What you had was a situation where you've got a tremendous number
    of vulnerable people, and then some predatory people who had all of the reasons to take their anger out on someone else," Benitez says.
    "Drug and alcohol use is another contributing factor, and no police
    presence to prevent them from doing whatever they wanted to,
    to whomever they wanted to."

    Concerned over unreported and underreported rapes, her organization,
    together with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center -- which is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- created a
    national database to track sexual assaults that happened after Katrina.
    In the six weeks since the Web site has been up, with almost no publicity,
    it has received 42 reports of sexual assaults.

    ...Another group, Witness Justice, to have received 156 reports of post-Katrina violent crimes; about a third of those involved sexual assaults.
    156 / 3 = 52; 52 + 42 = 94 reported cases of sexual assault...during
    a national emergency.

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    Default Re: Post Katrina and Bush

    I regulary check in at, the (biloxi/gulfport news) conservative site)..and from what i can gather on the Mississippi Coast the vast majority of missing have relocated..about 3000 are still missing from NO(and they are from areas that were very badly flooded)
    from the Red Cross they are saying that 214,000 dwelling units in Louisiana and over 65,000 dwelling units in Mississippi were destroyed. I wonder if some of these towns in Mississippi will ever recover(even though Mississippi seems to be getting a better share of funding thanks to Haley Barbour and Trent Lott, etc) In Mississippi the majority of storm debris is not cleaned up yet(less than 50%). these areas are hurting very badly and are in survival mode still..not anywhere near recovery and they need all the help they can get! And Mississippi is not getting the coverage that NO is getting either. One of the latest reports i have seen Is saying that NO may end up being 80% much for the "chocolate city"

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    Default Re: Post Katrina and Bush

    Heck of a job, Brownie...
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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