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Thread: RNC chairman continues to confuse, is apparently against a ban on gay marriage

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    Lightbulb RNC chairman continues to confuse, is apparently against a ban on gay marriage

    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye....

    And while he said he was personally opposed to gay marriage, he came out forcefully against a Constitutional amendment banning it ó as the Republican Party platform recommends for both gay marriage and abortion.

    "Just as a general principle, I don't like mucking around with the Constitution. I'm sorry, I just don't," he told the magazine.

    Oh, it's even worse. I just read the GQ interview with Steele that this comes from. It sure sounds to me like Steele would open to letting states legalize gay marriage if they so choose. In any case, he's clearly opposed to the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, even though it's a key plank in the party platform and one of the top two priorities for the religious right.
    GQ: So you think itís a state issue?

    STEELE: Absolutely. Just as a general principle, I donít like mucking around with the Constitution. Iím sorry, I just donít. I think, you know, in a pluralistic, dynamic society as the one that we have, every five years you can have a constitutional convention about something, you know? I donít think we should be, you know, dancing around and trying to amend it every time Iíve got a social issue or a political issue or a business issue that I want to get addressed. Having said that, I think that the states are the best laboratory, the best place for those decisions to be made, because they will then reflect the majority of the community in which the issue is raised. And thatís exactly what a republic is all about.

    That wasn't just a statement of opposition to the amendment, it was kind of a rant against the amendment. I mean, I'm impressed as hell that he's coming out with all of these quite decent pronouncements, but he is such toast.

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    How long until he retracts this?
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    I'm begining to worry he was taken over by Aliens...
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    Maybe he's a closet liberal who infiltrated the Republican party?

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    Now he's just fucking with us. He's on his way out, so he's going out with a bang it seems!

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    Must be a ploy to piss off Boss Hog Limbaugh.

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