Dem group still hitting Limbaugh

Monday, March 9, 2009 10:15 EDT

Americans United for Change, a liberal group, is out with yet another anti-Rush Limbaugh ad. This one, entitled "The Party of No," smacks leading Republicans for opposing President Obama's agenda. More importantly, though, it ties that decision to Limbaugh's repeating, in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, his line saying he wants Obama to fail.

The ad itself is a lot more interesting when put in its current political context -- first of all, the spot is running only in Washington, D.C., meaning it's aimed at a strictly political audience. Moreover, it was released at a time when AUC's president, Brad Woodhouse, is about to head off to the Democratic National Committee. While there, according to a recent e-mail he sent out, Woodhouse will be "overseeing the communications and research departments for the Democratic National Committee and its project Organizing for America." That's a pretty strong statement about how official the anti-Limbaugh strategy is.
― Alex Koppelman

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