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Thread: Sarah Palin chooses Alaskan Supreme Court judge

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    Default Sarah Palin chooses Alaskan Supreme Court judge

    Last week, Governor Palin selected a new judge to serve on the Alaska Supreme Court. You might think the prospect of this would make the entire progressive community break out in a cold sweat. Not so fast. Thanks to the Alaska State Constitution, Palin had to make a choice: Candidate A, or Candidate B. Both candidates were presented to her by a seven-member Judicial Council.

    This put the governor squarely between the proverbial rock and hard place. It’s doubtful the governor would have picked either of these candidates on her own, and she could have refused to pick either one, but her predecessor Governor Frank Murkowski tried to get away with that and it didn’t work. Anyway…

    Here’s Candidate A, “the Rock,” Morgan Christen:

    "Judge Morgan Christen was appointed to the superior court in Anchorage in 2001. In 2005, she was appointed Presiding Judge for the Third Judicial District. Judge Christen currently co-chairs both the Child in Need of Aid Committee and the Probate Rules Subcommittee for Involuntary Mental Health Commitments. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Rasmuson Foundation and the Alaska Community Foundation."

    You can read the rest of her Rasmuson Foundation bio HERE, which includes lots of information about her volunteerism including all kinds of awards, good deeds, and positions on non-profit boards. It does not mention, nor did her application, that back in the mid-1990s she was on the board of Planned Parenthood. (insert ominous organ chord here) Despite this fact, and considerable pressure from a conservative anti-choice Christian Group called “The Alaska Family Council” to do otherwise, Palin appointed Judge Christen to the vacancy.

    Despite the obvious firestorm this decision would bring down on the governor’s office, it was, for some reason, preferable than going with the other candidate.

    The “Hard Place” also known as “Candidate B” was Palmer Superior Court Judge Eric Smith.

    "Back in the 1980s, Smith was executive director of the public interest environmental law firm, Trustees for Alaska. The group currently is on the opposite side of Palin over the listing of Cook Inlet beluga whales as endangered."

    In addition, Smith happened to be the presiding Judge who recently granted the request of Sherry Johnston (the infamous potential mother-in-law of the governor’s unwed teen daughter Bristol) to have her trial for dealing oxycontin moved up to May 18.

    Don’t you just love small towns?

    There are undoubtedly other factors at play here, to which we are not privy, but the mental image of Planned Parenthood vs. Sherry Johnston and a pod of beluga whales is irresistible.

    One can only imagine the hand-wringing going on in the governor’s office with these two choices, which undoubtedly explains why the governor, made the unusual special request of asking to see all the information that the Council had on both candidates so she could review it before making her decision.

    The Alaska Family Council pleaded with the governor saying:

    "Smith would be more inclined “to turn back the tide of activism” while Christen would side with other justices against laws like the one struck down in 2006 requiring girls 16 and younger to obtain parental consent to receive an abortion.

    A similar bill that adds a provision allowing a child to bypass their parents’ consent by petitioning a superior court judge for authorization to have an abortion is before the state Legislature.

    The group did not explain why they thought Smith was more conservative and did not respond to calls from The Associated Press."

    While Palin has not come out with an official statement yet, the Alaska Politics Blog on the Anchorage Daily News site found this little nugget that appeared on her Facebook page.

    "Gov. Palin is totally pro-life. Always has been. Always will be. She believes in a culture of life from cradle to grave. Her choice for Supreme Court judge was made in accordance with Alaska law. She chose the person most qualified from the names sent to her. The Governor’s choice has a record of fairness. That is important as the courts sort out some very thorny issues. Governor Palin’s choices were either a liberal or an independent. She went with the independent. And as the following article reflects - this selection process is flawed."

    First, a thinking person might wonder how Palin’s ”culture of life from cradle to grave” can be reconciled with her support for the death penalty. Second, if as they say, she chose the most qualified person, then why, two sentences later are we told she chose “an independent” over “a liberal”? Shouldn’t the statement have said that the choices were “qualified” and “more qualified”? And then, just for good measure, of course, we learn that Palin believes the “selection process is flawed.” Actually, we have here a beautiful encapsulated example of a larger strategy which is frequently employed by this administration. It’s a strategy in three parts - lie (cradle to grave), spin (at least she didn’t pick the liberal), blame (the constitution is flawed).

    Lie, spin, blame.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.
    The Mudflats » Palin’s Supreme Court Pick - Rock vs. Hard Place. Rock Wins.

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    Better Palin have to pick an Alaskan Supreme Court judge than a U.S. Supreme Court judge. But the thought of her picking either is scary.

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    Luckily,her choices were limited. Else,another close friend would have gotten this prize.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Luckily,her choices were limited. Else,another close friend would have gotten this prize.
    Or worse.. she could have picked the first dude.

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