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Thread: Right wing nut Alan Keyes: Barack Obama is an abomination

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    Default Right wing nut Alan Keyes: Barack Obama is an abomination


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    Sigh. I guess arrogant windbags come in all colors.

    He's going off on the "insane" government of the man he refuses to call
    president, Obama as if the past 8 years that led to this ginormous mess
    and US bankruptcy didn't happen. It was your braindead boy Bush that
    caused this disaster, Mr. Pompous Ass!
    The only thing he is sort of right about is the fact that there is no money
    to spend and that just printing more money is not helping things.
    But then: not doing anything and sticking to the policies that brought
    us to this chaos is not going to help either so STFU and read up on
    your KKK membership Mr. Keyes: then you'll realize that you may be
    preaching the rich white man's gospel now, but ultimately you'll end up
    on the fire.
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    He's just mad because he lost the senate seat to Obama a few years ago.
    ~~~Jesus please save me from your fanclub~~~

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    He makes a good living from this craziness.

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    I couldn't listen to the entire thing, since I hate Alan Keyes. Always have. He's just pissed that his attempt to be a carpetbagger in Illinois blew up in his face.

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    He forgot: Obama is Hitler who is giong to blow up the world at the end of days!

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    I accidentally saw Keyes speak in person about 22 years ago. He was s surprise speaker at some event at the University of Maryland. I wasn't impressed then, and things have only gotten worse since.

    Somehow, people within the Republican Party had convinced themselves that this goofball is a great orator and debater. Obama, during their senate campaign debate, conclusively proved that not only is Keyes not a good debater, he is nuts.

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